meet eyezon 360: the epitome of customer driven experience.

31 OCT 2022

Draginya Knezi, brand director at eyezon
Lindsey Garibaldi, SMM at eyezon

Putting customers first doesn’t mean creating shopping experiences with your customers in mind. Being customer-centric underestimates customers’ desire and ability to curate their own experiences. No one knows more about what kind of shopping experiences best suit their needs, than the customers themselves. Enter customer-driven experiences. Customer-driven experiences replace the carefully pre-constructed, one-size fits all approach. Instead, a more fluid, flexible, and immediate way to shop and buy with the customer in the driver’s seat, piloting their own journey. 

With this in mind, we created eyezon 360 – the united, complex solution that combines a wide range of usage scenarios. eyezon 360 natively connects the customer to the product and the brand from any touchpoint of the customer journey. It enables you to support, engage, and drive conversions in any stage of the customer experience loop; to create truly omnichannel, personalized shopping experiences that build relationships and loyalty

How? By bringing real human interaction to ecommerce. By enabling intuitive product experiences and creating good friction along the customer journey. Good friction of live human-to-human contact that gives your customers - humans, the agency and autonomy to improve their choices, rather than automating them out of decision-making. 

And the key value in live human-to-human interaction is the moment of uncertainty when anything can happen and the interaction is open to possibilities. So this is the moment of choice, and therefore hope, and trust. Because in the uncertainty of a choice, in order to actually choose - you have to hope and trust. By co-creating and sharing these live personal moments with your customers, you get truly personal, gain their trust, and loyalty. These moments are opportunities to create, not just extract, value. And these moments are what our experiences are built around. 

Once the customer initiates a live stream via eyezon 360, they can design their experience with a variety of intuitive features such as inviting their friends/family to join, adding the product directly to their cart, enabling live captions, and launching a two-way stream, amongst others. All these features were created not just to impress customers with the cool technology, but to give them the right to choose their own shopping journeys. To boost their confidence in making their own purchase decisions and minimize the feeling of being controlled by brands. To help them consider brands as good friends they can rely on. 

Brands and retailers will also appreciate different usage scenarios that allow them to provide amazing omnichannel experiences from any touchpoint. With eyezon 360 they can provide both 1-to-1 and 1-to-many streams, sell from showrooms, launch live shopping ad campaigns on/offline, and access in-depth analytics. And more importantly – they can provide experiences that inspire emotions which is rare, as traditional ecommerce is based on a series of clicks. Plus, eyezon 360 creates a great opportunity to reimagine advertising campaigns, to finally engage customers properly with the brand’s communication, and gain tangible profits from it – who doesn’t want that?

Stay tuned for our next blog posts where we will explain in more detail how customers build their own experiences, the value it adds for businesses, and what specifically stands behind eyezon 360.