eyezon 360: choose your own shopping adventure.

9 NOV 2022

Lindsey Garibaldi, SMM at eyezon

Children growing up in the 80s or 90s may remember the Edward Packard “choose your own adventure” series where every child had the chance to immerse themselves in  a thrilling adventure and choose the outcome of their journey by deciding what the character does next. The excitement of uncertainty and the confidence in choosing the ending of your journey are the same motivations that inspired eyezon to create the eyezon 360 product.

A touchpoint agnostic product, eyezon 360 gives customers the tools to create their own intuitive shopping experiences. Customers can connect with the brand from any touchpoint in their journey and launch a live shopping experience for a 1-to-1 direct, human connection with a sales assistant. Live commerce creates moments of uncertainty, the customer is faced with a moment of choice where they have to hope and trust in the brand. This creates shared, live, personal moments that convert to sales and long-lasting brand loyalty.

So now is your moment of uncertainty.

Take on the role of a customer or a streamer and choose your own shopping adventure with eyezon 360.

Start your adventure:

Problem: 34-year old Sarah has just realized she has her nephew’s 4th birthday party in a few days and hasn’t yet bought a gift.

Goal: Find a gift for Sarah’s 4th nephew who is obsessed with music and likes to perform songs for the family.

Equipment: Two smartphones, the eyezon app and the eyezon 360 product.

Dangers: Sarah doesn’t have a long attention span when shopping and gets bored if the experience isn’t engaging. Her sister hates noisy toys and will be mad at Sarah if she buys something that makes annoying, loud sounds. Sarah doesn’t have children and doesn’t feel confident picking out a gift for her nephew by herself.

 I am a customer. Go to A.1.

 I am a streamer. Go to B.1.

the customer’s flow.

A1. Welcome customer! You are Sarah, aged 34 years old and live in Barcelona, Spain. You prefer to shop online, especially if there is free shipping and often buy products from social media #tiktokmademebuyit. You’re relaxing at home when you receive a calendar reminder for your nephew’s 4th birthday party this weekend. You realize you completely forgot to buy a gift. What do you do next?

If you leave your house, get on the metro and go to the Spanishbaby store in the center of Barcelona, go to A.2.

  •  You remember your sister shops a lot at Spanishbaby.com, if you go directly to their website, go to A.3.
  •  If you decide to browse some famous kids/baby brands on social media go to A.4.

A.2. We find it hard to believe you really left your house and went to a B and M store. You were already wearing pajamas! Anyway, in the store you met the friendly sales assistant Maria who demonstrated the musical instruments. You decided to buy the kids’ piano (now you just have to carry it all the way home). Go to C.1.

А.3. You’re on the website for SpanishBaby.com. You start browsing their site and see a kids’ piano you think your nephew will love.

  •  If you decide to buy it right away, go to A.5.
  •  If you decide to go to the product page for more information, go to A.6.

A.4. You open Instagram and immediately get distracted by new videos featuring your favorite singer. Eventually you find the Spanishbaby IG and browse their most recent photos. You receive a notification that the same singer will be hosting a broadcast live stream with Spanishbaby starting in 5 minutes.

  •  If you decide to join the broadcast live stream with the singer, go to A.14.
  •  If you decide to browse the photos on their IG page instead, go to A.15.

A.14. You join a broadcast livestream featuring your favorite singer and Spanishbaby. You watch the stream for 8 minutes before feeling restless. You can see a kids’ piano in the background of the stream but the singer keeps demonstrating only the kids’ trumpet.

  •  If you decide to buy the piano even though you haven’t heard it, go to A.5.
  •  If you decide to click the “see live” button on the bottom of the broadcast stream and launch a 1-to-1 stream instead, go to A.7.

A.15. You spend some time browsing the IG page for Spanishbaby. You notice they recently posted about a kids’ piano that you think your nephew   might like. The same kids’ piano appears as a targeted ad on your feed with a “see live'' prompt.

  •  If you decide to buy it right away, go to A.5.
  •  If you decide to go to the product page for more information, go to A.6.
  •  If you decide to click the “see live” button on the ad, go to A.7.

A.6. You’re on the product page. You’re reading the information about the piano but aren’t sure what it will sound like. You know your sister will be furious if you buy a toy that makes annoying, loud sounds.

  •  If you decide to take a gamble and buy the piano without hearing it, go to A.5.
  •  If you decide to click the “see live” button for a personal live stream, go to A.7.

A.7. You clicked the see live button, how exciting! You see a countdown clock and continue browsing the site while you wait for the streamer. After 2 short minutes, the streamer Maria arrives. She introduces herself and asks if you are ready to begin. You click yes and she starts the 1-to-1 video stream with her camera on. You can see the piano with your own eyes and she demonstrates how it works. She also shows you that there are other musical toys your nephew might enjoy, like a guitar.

  •  If you decide to invite your mom to join the stream for a weighted purchase decision, go to A.8.
  • If you decide to browse the other products via stream, go to A.9.
  • If you decide to buy the piano, go to A.13.

A.8. You’ve created a group stream! You send your mom the link, and she joins your personal live stream with Maria. Your mom is hearing impaired so you ask Maria to turn on live captions so that your mom can read in real-time Maria’s explanation of the products. Your mom really likes the drum set and suggests you buy that instead. You agree and Maria sends the product directly to your cart during the stream. Go to A.13.

A.9. Maria shows you the other instruments in the store and you decide to buy a kids’ guitar. You aren’t sure if you have the batteries it will require already at home.

  • You decide to buy it anyway, go to A.13.
  •  You ask Maria to turn on a 2-way stream so you can show her what batteries you already have, go to A.10.

A.10. You turn on the 2-way stream. Maria doesn’t mind that you’re wearing your puppy pajamas. You show her the spare batteries you already have at home and she confirms you have enough batteries to power the guitar. You decide to buy it, go to A.13.

A.5. The product is in your cart. You enter your credit card information and confirm your order. It will arrive in 3-5 business days.

A.13. Maria sent the product directly to your cart during the stream so you’re sure you’re buying exactly what you want. She also suggested you buy a microphone and stand so your nephew can sing too, which you know he will love. She was extremely kind and helpful. You thank her for her suggestions, end the stream and purchase the products.

  •  If you decide to leave a review for Maria, go to A.11.
  • If you decide to share the stream with your brother who might like to buy another instrument for your nephew’s birthday, go to A.12.
  • If you decide to request a new stream with Maria after the product arrives at your house, go to A.16.

A.11. Maria was so patient and thorough, playing all the instruments for you in the store so you could hear how they sound. You decide to leave a 5-star review so other customers will request live streams with her when shopping at Spanishbaby from home. Go to C.1.

A.12. You had such a great shopping experience with Maria that you decide to share the stream with your brother. He’s super busy so you know he’ll appreciate watching the stream at a time that’s convenient for him and hearing all of Maria’s detailed explanations of the products. Go to C.1.

A.16. When the instrument arrives at your house you can’t figure out why it won’t make noise even after you put the batteries in. You decide to request another live stream with Maria. After the stream begins and you turn on your 2-way camera, Maria tells you that you put the batteries in upside down. Maria saves the day again! You want Maria to give you advice on everything in your life (like if you should dye your hair) but decide to request another stream with her next month before your boss’ baby shower. Go to C.1.

the streamer’s flow.

B.1. Welcome streamer! You are Maria, a 29-year old sales assistant at Spanishbaby where you’ve been working for the past 3 years. You love helping expecting moms/families find the perfect products for their babies and kids. You’ve just started your shift and on the eyezon app your status has been switched to “active.” A few minutes later, you receive a streaming request from a customer, Sarah, who is interested in seeing live a kids’ piano.

  • If you don’t have the item in stock and want to send it to a streamer in a different Spanishbaby location, go to B.2.
  • If you don’t have the product in stock, but know the store will be restocked tomorrow, go to B.3.
  • If you have the item in stock and are ready to start the stream, go to B.4.
  • If you know Spanishbaby is having a promotional campaign on musical products and you think that would better suit Sarah’s needs, go to B.12.

B.2. You don’t have the kids’ piano in stock in your location, so you decide to send it to the larger Madrid store where you can see that there are 3 kids’ guitars in the store and Alejandro is available for streaming. Go to C.1.

B.3. You know that the store will be restocked tomorrow so you ask Sarah if she would be willing to make an appointment and schedule a stream instead of beginning one now. Sarah says yes and you agree on 15:00, tomorrow. Go to B.4.

B.4. You introduce yourself to the customer Sarah and ask if she’s ready to begin the stream. After she confirms, you start the live stream from the musical section of the store. You demonstrate to Sarah how the piano works and how the buttons sound. She doesn’t seem convinced enough to purchase the product.

  • If you suggest Sarah invites her friends/family to join the stream, go to B.5.
  • If you offer to show Sarah alternative products, go to B.6.

B.5. Sarah invites her mom to join the stream. She asks you to speak loudly as her mom is hearing impaired. You tell her about the eyezon live captions feature that will add captions in real time to the stream. She requests to turn on the live captions. Sarah and her mom have a great time shopping together during Sarah’s personal stream and Sarah’s mom convinces her to buy the drum set for her nephew. Go to B.7.

B.7. Sarah agrees to purchase the product you suggested so you send her an add-to-cart notification. She accepts the notification and you also suggest her nephew might enjoy a microphone and stand so he can sing. She agrees to that as well and you send it to her cart. You thank Sarah for shopping at Spanishbaby.

  •  If you notice Sarah has written a 5-star review, go to B.8.
  •  If you get a streaming request 4 days later from Sarah’s brother, go to B.9.
  • If you get another streaming request from Sarah 5 days later, go to B.13.

B.8. Sarah has written a 5-star review of the streaming experience. You’re really happy to be appreciated for all of your hard work and feel a boost of satisfaction with your job at Spanishbaby. Go to C.1.

B.9. Sarah’s brother requests a stream with you just 3 days later. He knows Sarah purchased the instrument and the microphone. He watched the stream and heard you mention there are a range of children’s costumes in a different section of the store. He requests to see the costumes via live stream. Together you browse the costume section of the store and you recommend a popstar costume for his nephew that he purchases. Go to C.1.

B.6. You show Sarah the range of musical products available at Spanishbaby and play some of the instruments so Sarah can hear how they work and sound. She says her sister really hates loud toys so she wants to be sure they won’t be too noisy. Sarah really likes the kids’ guitar but isn’t sure if she has the right batteries for it.

  •  If you suggest Sarah turns on a 2-way stream so you can see what batteries she has at home, go to B.10.
  •  If you say “you’ll figure it out, read the instructions that come with the product” go to B.11.

B.10. Sarah turns on her camera and you compliment her on her cute puppy pajamas. You have the same pair  :) She shows you what batteries she has at home and you confirm she has the right kind for the guitar. Go to B.7.

B.11. We know you didn’t say that. You’re a professional streamer. Go to B.10.

B.12. Spanishbaby just launched a new range of musical instruments and has a special promo campaign at the moment. They have partnered with a famous Spanish singer and together are hosting broadcast live streams on IG. They are also streaming the products from a special showroom that is also a recording studio. Sarah joins the livestream with the promo campaign streamer who demonstrates the kids’ piano in the showroom/recording studio. There are also children in the showroom playing with the instruments which Sarah thinks is super cute :) She decides to buy the children’s guitar. Go to C.1.

B.13. How nice to see Sarah again after a few days! After you connect via live stream, she requests to turn on a 2-way stream with both cameras. The instrument has arrived but it won’t make any noise even after she put the batteries in it. You point out that the batteries are upside down which solves the problem immediately. Sarah is really grateful and says she’ll request another stream with you next time she needs to purchase baby products. She has a lot of pregnant friends so it will probably be soon :) Go to C.1.

C.1. If you don’t want your adventure to end, request a demo now and learn how eyezon 360 will create live human connections that drive sales, and build long-lasting customers for your business. Go here: https://www.eyezonthis.com/eyezon-demo