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Transformation is at the core of what we do at eyezon and as a result, the product is always evolving to become even better. The eyezon team is constantly adding new and exciting features to improve customers’ virtual shopping experiences and help businesses anticipate and respond to their client’s needs.

your store is wherever the customer is, whenever they want.

First, we transformed ecommerce with live streaming and now we’re reimagining and upgrading advertising, the eyezon way. With eyezon ads, fast-track the customer journey by skyrocketing consumers from awareness to purchase when viewing your ad. When your advertisement captures a consumer’s attention, don’t wait. Let consumers see your products instantly with their own eyes, receive personal recommendations, and make a purchase. Truly touch point agnostic, retailers can connect with potential customers from anywhere in the world, during any stage of their customer journey, to deliver an amazing personalized shopping experience that drives conversions.

introducing eyezon widget 2.0: an ideal, intuitive, inclusive and accessible live shopping experience that brings value both to customers and brands. soon in every ecommerce around the world.

At eyezon, we’re obsessed with creating amazing customer experiences. After a lot of hard work, we’re very proud and excited to introduce our new revolutionary eyezon widget 2.0. It became more intuitive, more beautiful, more user-friendly and definitely more effective. The modern, transparent UI helps retailers harmoniously integrate the widget into their website while the improved UX will quickly immerse a customer into the stream. All the features customers love are still there, with improvements, and we’ve designed some new additions too. Don’t miss the improved co-op shopping, captions, and minimizing the stream features. For the rest, you’ll have to see for yourself. Our new widget is the first inclusive and accessible one, creating even more seamless shopping experiences that will strengthen loyalty and boost conversions.

smile you’re on camera: with two-way stream your customers can get more personalized assistance and more inclusive and engaging shopping experience.

If you’ve ever brought a dress with you to a B&M store to find a matching shade of lipstick or paint samples to color match when shopping for new furniture, we’ve got news for you. Now you can do it even online. How? Using our new feature – two-way stream. Customers can opt to turn on their camera so the streamer can see live the shoes the customer wants to match to a new belt or after a purchase, to provide recommendations for product usage and assembly. Shy customers can also send a photo, video or a voice memo.

introducing the art of selling to ecommerce with multicart. allow your customers to purchase all of the products they saw during their stream, in just one transaction.

A good salesperson helps the customer find the exact product they are looking for. A great one – recommends accompanying products and accessories to match. To empower our product streamers to bring the art of selling to ecommerce we added a new feature – multicart. With the customer’s permission, the streamer can send multiple products to the customer’s cart during the stream by scanning the products’ barcodes. Customers no longer have to make separate transactions and can be sure they are purchasing the correct products.

eyezon becomes the first to introduce captions and make live video shopping truly accessible and inclusive.

Captions seem like an ordinary thing when you speak about the cinema or YouTube videos. But in live video shopping it is like a Big Bang. And after coming a long way from simply an idea to development and testing we can proudly say: we are the very first live video shopping service to release a captions feature. 

By creating this new inclusive user experience, we shatter the wall between online shopping and a whole category of customers with hearing impairments. Now they need just to click the icon in the eyezon widget menu to turn the captions on and have a more accessible shopping experience in 6 available languages. It’s a big and important feature for hearing impaired people and the industry, and for us – it’s just the beginning of building a new inclusive world.

your advertisements reimagined. eyezon ads drive conversions across every step of the customer journey.

eyezon ads for social media are revolutionizing social media advertisements and creating an opportunity for consumers to go beyond the ad and see products live. Users will be amazed when they realize that by simply clicking an advertised product that catches their eye, they will be instantly transported in-store, to connect with a knowledgeable sales associate.

eyezon ads for social media make launching a new ad campaign as easy as copying and pasting. Instantly scalable, businesses just need to add the eyezon “see live” button to their ads on social media to seamlessly connect potential customers with sales representatives via live streaming. For customers, the stream takes place on the same social media platform, making it a minimal-effort but highly engaging experience. Just minutes after viewing the ad, from the comfort of home, customers can enjoy a personalized, captivating shopping experience that will leave a lasting impression and a stronger bond with a brand.

provide your customers with the main element necessary for making a purchase decision – their friends and family – with the co-op shopping.

We understand people and we know how they like to shop.

That’s why eyezon introduced the additional feature of inviting your friends and family to shop together through live streaming. We want to make online shopping as fun, engaging and human-centric as it is in the physical world. The eyezon co-op feature allows eCommerce customers to invite up to 5 friends to join their personal on-demand live stream with a sales representative. Because everything is more fun when shared with friends and family. Especially shopping.

lead your customer from browsing the product to adding it to their cart. all during the stream with our add to cart feature.

Every consumer has enjoyed the luxurious experience of shopping in a brick & mortar store, receiving personalized recommendations from a sales representative, reviewing various buying options and after making a decision, having your purchase brought to the register for you by a helpful sales representative.

What if this exact experience could be replicated for online shopping? During an eyezon on-demand one-on-one live stream, sales representatives, after the customer has made a purchase decision, can send an “add to cart” notification directly to the customer.  As quick as a click, the customer can make the online purchase. It ensures the correct item is purchased and provides customers an additional convenience that shortens the consideration process.

an out of stock product for one streamer shouldn’t be a reason not to stream. especially when your streamers are able to pass the request.

One of the greatest advantages of live streaming for businesses is the opportunity to offer customers the best possible virtual shopping experience every time.

Large corporations may not be able to control during in-person shopping experiences what sales representative is working in-store or what products are available for viewing. However, during a virtual shopping experience, streamers can use the “pass request” feature on the eyezon platform to send the stream request to the most knowledgeable representative. This ensures customers have access to the most qualified sales representative and can view the product they are interested in every single time. For customers, this can mean finishing a stream in one store location with one sales representative and then visiting another location to view a different product all during the same stream. Like visiting several different stores at once but all from the comfort of home.

show your customers that you appreciate their time by offering them the opportunity to make an appointment. using our feature, of course

For industries offering complex or expensive products/services such as real estate, luxury goods, automotive, hospitality, etc. connecting with customers has always been a more time-consuming and complex process.

Using the eyezon platform, interested customers can make an appointment in advance for a one-on-one live stream at their convenience simply by providing their contact information. The confirmed appointment will be added to the customer’s calendar so they won’t forget, and they will receive a notification when it’s time to join the stream.  A one-on-one live stream provides customers a luxurious, personalized shopping experience from the comfort of their own home, instilling greater confidence in making a complex or expensive purchase virtually. Businesses will receive contact information from the interested customers and have increased time to prepare in advance for the stream. This may include ensuring a streamer is available to show a specific car model or a vacant hotel room is available for viewing. Industries that face the most challenges establishing virtual connections can provide customers the personalized shopping experience they crave but instead through live streaming.

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