Who we ARE

happening before
your eyes. literally.
with eyezon.


In the world of disruption,
competition and optimization we
see the need of synthesis,
cooperation and transformation.
Disruption and optimization is a short view of the market and honestly, the world. We have a long view. Long perspective is what reveals relations and structures within which transformation will emerge. We are not just about technology and algorithms.

We are not just another simple tech solution to optimize your business. Algorithms optimise – humans transform. We are complex.
As humans are.
As life is. We are a complex sandbox tool that transforms business models.
what we believe.


how to be human in the digital world.

The world is how we are. We do not investigate the essence of the world, we create concepts that allow us to speak about the world and act in the world.

Perception is an active construction whose goal is not to create an accurate representation of the real world, but to help us be in the world, to help life live. We see the world not as it is, but as it’s useful for us to do so – life and our worlds are user experiences.

As in offline so in online. There is a fundamental importance and relation of place to epistemology and phenomenology – a place shapes the thought and action as well as relations.
As in offline so in online, the space shapes the conversation, community and human social projects. As in offline so in online, humans create and design spaces.

How these spaces are designed and how they facilitate the relations in time provides collective identification and potential of active agency.

Create digital communal spaces. The spaces that facilitate connections, understanding, creation of meanings and values and action. Design for differences, contingency and uncertainty, as from these the generative human action and therefore creativity and innovation arise. 



The question of being is the question of relation.

The question of experience is the question of relation.

The question of technology is the question of relation.

Digital technical object is a new kind of materiality. It has material capacity and is presencing through relations. Digital technical objects manifest and exists through experience. This is why new “user experience” is the core of a truly new digital technical object.

we believe in experience related technological shifts of perspective – unconcieling, disclosing and bringing into presence new aspects of the world.


eyez on: inclusive and accessible future.

We believe that openness, diversity and inclusiveness is what makes imagination possible. And this is what makes us human. Our capacity to imagine another’s point of view is the foundation of all social relations and projects. Our capacity to imagine new possibilities is how we can bring about the world we all would like to live in. The world that is open, imaginative, active and intensely personal while inclusive. The world where everyone has equal capacity to contribute to decisions about how to live together. The world of true equality.

We create inclusive digital products that facilitate connections, understanding and mutual creation of values. We design for differences and accessibility because making our product accessible means it brings better experience to everyone and makes their lives better. Our accessible user experience makes possible for people with disabilities to equally perceive, understand, navigate and interact; and it means they can contribute equally without barriers.

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