sell bright like a diamond. how live streaming transforms online jewellery purchasing into a wow experience.

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585 Gold

The first 585 Gold store was opened in 2,000 in Saint Petersburg, and for over 22 years has been considered to be the leader of the Russian jewelry market. Today, the network comprises over 250 jewelry stores across Russia and an online store boasting over 500K monthly visitors. The brand is very popular and loved by Russian customers for its grand assortment of jewelry offered at very affordable prices and regular special offers. 585 Gold is an honorary member of the Russian Guild of Jewelers that provides significant support to Russian jewelry makers.


Whether one buys jewellery for oneself or as a gift, it is a highly engaging and emotional process. And it’s not only the matter of price, it has a lot to do with the extra meanings that people connect with jewellery – the moments to remember, ways to express oneself or one’s feelings. For this exact reason, jewellery ecommerce has been demonstrating quite modest growth rates, and now accounts for only 10% of the market. People want to feel, touch, and experience the products when shopping for jewellery, and this can hardly be replaced by images, videos and text descriptions that are most often displayed on online platforms.



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With the eyezon sandbox experiences, 585 Gold reintroduced the excitement and thrill of shopping for jewelry to its online customers. Designated product streamers interact live with customers demonstrating jewelry from all angles, showing how it can fit and comparing it to other products. Online shoppers can meticulously study each item, appreciate the shade, shape and all of the other very important details of the jewelry they are interested in, and then make a purchase decision that will leave them with a happy aftertaste.

& scaling.

In September 2021, 585 Gold launched live video sales from one of its flagship stores in Saint Petersburg. All of the products were stocked in the physical shop that was connected to the “see live” eyezon button on the website. The button was displayed only to those who visited the online store from Saint Petersburg. The brand created a special stream zone with a ring light and ensured high video quality. There were 3 product streamers connected to the eyezon service. During September – October 2021, eyezon was operated in testing mode. Since the service was planned to be scaled to all of the physical shops, eyezon was set up and managed through an open API. After the first few weeks of the test period, initial sales were made during personalized, on-demand live streams. The brand has also enabled data collection, asking online customers to share their phone numbers prior to sending the request for a stream. Though data collection lowers conversion rates from button clicks to sent requests, it provides additional leads, which are added to the brand’s CRM system. In December 2021, the service operated at its full capacity within one store. In February 2022, the service will be scaled to another 400 physical shops, connecting more streamers and creating more streaming zones.


Online customers obviously love the new service. On average, there are about 200 live video interactions, and every 10th ends with a sale. The average stream duration is 30 seconds, which means that customers need to see the product in real life to make their final purchase decision.

levelling up.

Today, the real competition for jewelry brands happens not in physical shops, but online, where modern consumers discover new brands, explore new collections, and share information and opinions on social media. Usually customers enjoy looking at jewelry advertisements, as they quite often look like pieces of art. The real challenge is to convert customer attention into action, before they get distracted by other information. And with eyezon ads you can do it easily. 

Discover a new format to advertise, where every banner, email, or even printed material can be instantaneously turned into a live interaction between your potential customers and your sales staff. You can easily manage the traffic and number of requests for individual live streams from the comfort of your eyezon business account.

live shopping.

Create the perfect environment for a personal, emotional storytelling connection between those who want and love to sell and a completely new breed of online omnichannel customers.
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