eyezon 360

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marketing solutions.

eyezon 360 natively connects the customer to the product and the brand from any touchpoint of the customer journey. It enables you to support, engage, and drive conversions in any stage of the customer experience loop; to create truly omnichannel, personalized shopping experiences that build relationships and loyalty.
eyezon 360 is based and focused on customer-driven experience that empowers the customer to create their own customer journey bringing more value both to them and to businesses. It can be 1-2-1, 1-2-few, and 1-2-many live experiences that start from any touchpoint of the customer's journey, wherever they are: a social media post, any online or offline ad, direct email, product packaging, and of course your website and product page.

marketing goes live.

For real brands and real products that customers can trust.

Connect live with your customers from absolutely any on or offline ad, reimagine your advertising campaigns, boost loyalty, and skyrocket conversions.

Get close and personal with your loyalty program.

Connect live with your customers through direct mailing and turn each email into a sales tool that leads to actual purchase.

Evolve your promo campaigns – merge the physical and digital into live experience.

Convert engagement and trial into purchase and loyalty via live, direct and real time contact with your audience.

Create a product that builds and maintains long-term relationships.

Connect live with your customer straight from your product packaging and stay in touch with them at all times.

Make your ecomm live.

Create emotional, human connections for your online customers, who initiate 1-2-1, 1-2-few, or 1-2-many live streams with your sales associates or influencers from any phase of their shopping journeys.

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how it works.

We made our new widget more native, beautiful and fully customisable so that you can meet the whole range of business and marketing goals.

Now you can adjust the widget to the specifics of each of your campaigns by customizing any part of it: from the graphics on the welcome screen, which you can replace with  icons of your preference, to the texts in which you can deliver your campaign communication.

The new customisation options turn the new widget and eyezon 360 into a great tool for any business task. With the updated design it's completely touch point agnostic and launches natively from social networks, messengers, direct mails, banners and even your product pack.
eyezon widget connects you directly to your customers at any step of their journey. All the elements of the eyezon widget are customisable making it an organic part of your campaign communication.

eyezon business account allows you to fully customize the widget, add your streamers, get data and insights from dashboards and manage your strategy.

In the eyezon app your brand experts set their working hours and personalize their response templates to maximize stream efficiency, accept requests, host streams and communicate with the customers.
For those who don’t have their own offline infrastructure we have a turn-key solution – eyezon showrooms within which we provide an equipped and branded space and all the necessary technology for streaming.

eyezon showrooms is a great option for running 1-2-1 product streams, any kind of live promos and big live events.
With eyezon 360 you will get access to the unique data from the first-hand shopper's insights to the real statistics and measurements of ad campaigns that you won't get anywhere else.
If you don't have personnel – don't worry, we can hire and train streamers for you and even create a promo team that is the best fit for your brand.

For your live promos and other ad campaigns we will develop tailored scripts to better meet your marketing goals and train the staff using eyezon’s unique expertise in live video activations.