Mothercare increased the share of alternative products purchased up to 65% and every 3rd live stream ended with a purchase. Boosting parents' confidence and trust was a pleasant bonus.

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Mothercare is a truly global company that caters to many different markets and cultures, supplying products for parents, babies, and children up to the age of 8. The brand aims to be the world’s leading mother and baby specialist in the markets it operates in. Mothercare opened its first store in Russia in 1994, and today it has a large network of over 70 stores in 17 cities, and an online store with monthly traffic of over 800K visitors.


In the age of digitalization, consumers are constantly bombarded with a large number of online advertisements. As a result, when it comes to baby and kids products, parents might feel lost, and eager for the transparency of real information. Mothercare is a very trusted and reliable brand, and it seeks to deliver the most credible and detailed information about baby & kids products to help parents feel confident about their choices even when shopping online.

custom solution.

In August 2021, Mothercare introduced live video sales to its online customers. The “see live” button” was placed on large-scale items like strollers. At first there was only 1 streamer connected to the service, who operated from a special zone that was created in one of the brand’s largest shops with a special ring light and plenty of space to showcase the items. Once the request was received, a streamer not only provided detailed and personalized information about the product of interest, but also showed the stroller in action: how it turns, folds, and other important nuances. As the service was rolling out, more products were connected including baby cots and children’s winter overalls. The number of product streamers was increased to 4, and one more shop was connected to the service.



physical store connected




live client interactions a month


add to cart rate from session


average stream time


Mothercare used the eyezon live-streaming sandbox to cut through the informational noise and directly connect the brand’s experts, sales assistants, with online customers. During live interactions, sales assistants offer individualized shopping experiences, which include not only answering specific questions and addressing the needs of often worried parents, but also showcasing and even test driving live large-scale items like strollers.


Parents are happy to have live professional assistance to help them make confident choices. Mothercare demonstrates one of the highest add-to-cart conversion rates of 36% from live interactions. There were about 290 active sessions that happen on a monthly basis. And parents are glad to follow the sales assistants’ guidance, as almost every 3rd live interaction results in a sale. According to the data, parents are also willing to consider alternative products, often changing the product they were initially interested in to another suggested by a sales assistant. The streamers not only used video, but also exchanged text and audio messages with customers helping them make guided choices and often offering alternative products for consideration. The share of alternative products purchased after a live interaction is 65%.  

levelling up.

Selling large-scale products for babies and kids via live video shopping can be tricky, as streamers require large spaces to properly demonstrate the items, offer alternatives and even compare them. Not every physical shop, especially in a chain network, can boast such large spaces. This issue can be easily avoided with eyezon showrooms – a turnkey solution from eyezon, offering a specially trained team of designated streamers, well equipped spaces of any size to host live streams, and professional managers to control and improve the efficiency of live video sales.

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