eyezon 360: customer experience comes full circle.

18 JAN 2023

Lindsey Garibaldi, SMM at eyezon

If you’ve made it to the final post in our eyezon 360 series, you are almost an expert. By now you already know that eyezon 360 is a united, complex solution that combines a wide range of usage scenarios. You also know that eyezon 360 is touchpoint agnostic and creates human-to-human interactions from any touchpoint. If you read our second blog post, you’ve already taken on the roles of both a streamer and a customer connecting from various touch points.

The final part of our series reveals eyezon 360 as a live shopping marketing solution that puts consumers in live contact with your product and brand through intuitive shopping experiences. It can be 1-2-1, 1-2-few, and 1-2-many live experiences that start from any touchpoint of the customer's journey, wherever they are: a social media post, any online or offline ad, DM, product packaging, and of course your website and product page. eyezon 360 has a wide range of live marketing solutions that can meet any business or marketing goal: live shopping, live ads, live promos, live emails, and live packaging. All of these were designed to extend your product and to fast track customers from knowledge to purchase. 

Let’s go through each solution.

Live ads: for real brands and real products that customers can trust. Connect live with your customers from absolutely any on or offline ad, reimagine your advertising campaigns, boost loyalty, and skyrocket conversions.  

Live emails: get close and personal with your loyalty program. Connect live with your customers through direct mailing and turn each email into a sales tool that leads to actual purchases.

Live promo: evolve your promo campaigns – merge the physical and digital into live experience. Convert engagement and trial into purchase and loyalty via live, direct and real time contact with your audience. 

Live packaging: create a product that builds and maintains long-term relationships. Connect live with your customer straight from your product packaging and stay in touch with them at all times. 

Live shopping: make your ecomm live and create emotional, human connections for online customers, who initiate 1-2-1, 1-2-few, or 1-2-many live streams with sales associates or influencers from any phase of their shopping journeys. 

eyezon 360 is very easy to integrate, test, and scale how and wherever you want. You can add the “see live” button to your existing ad campaigns and after a test period, expand live shopping to the product pages of your website. And the eyezon team has product experts who will maximize the experience, helping with technology as well as training sales assistants to become streamers. 

eyezon live shopping elevates the role of the salesperson to allow them to connect with online customers, share their expertise with a wider audience and create a new generation of influencers. Sales assistants turned streamers, know the products best and can provide personalized recommendations, address concerns, and make sales, just like they would in-store. And if you don’t have a physical infrastructure – we can also cover that for you with eyezon showrooms, we will provide the venue and all of the necessary equipment to run any eyezon 360 live marketing solution. 

One of the features that we are most proud of is live captions that increase accessibility, allowing all customers to access amazing shopping experiences, regardless of ability. They also increase shopping occasions, allowing customers to launch live streams even in noisy environments. 

For retailers, live interactions with their customers are moments to create, not just extract value. Real conversations create experiences that customers won’t forget and retailers can look back on later. All eyezon live streams are recorded, transcribed into text, synthesized, and analyzed. This gives retailers access to honest customer reviews, and feedback about their products, their brand, and their competitors. They can create sales scripts and have immediate feedback on how customers respond. And customers respond well to live commerce, in fact, eyezon live streams have a 29-37% conversion rate across all industries. 

eyezon 360 live marketing solutions bring irreplaceable value to the product, initiating its journey wherever the customers are. Customer-initiated live streams are the last steps in achieving the nirvana of channel agnosticism, where the entire shopping experience is intuitive, unique, and personalized. Are you ready to achieve nirvana? Try out eyezon 360 for your business here: https://www.eyezonthis.com/eyezon-demo