Peru’s technology trailblazer La Curacao successfully launched live shopping as a revolutionary way to boost conversions and strengthen their greatest selling point – their expert human sales team.

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La Curacao

La Curacao is a major electronic appliances and household items chain with stores across the Caribbean, Central, and South America. The retail chain was the first to specialize in household appliances in Peru, where it now has over 100 locations. Across Peru, La Curacao is known for its expert human team of technological advisors, its commitment to modernizing its country, and improving the lives of its customers with the best appliances, technology, and service.


One of La Curacao’s core values is to provide “the best experience” to its customers. In 2022, they sought a solution to bring their amazing in-store shopping experience to the 1.6 million monthly visitors of their website. A pioneer in adapting new technologies, they were the perfect brand to test live streaming in the South American market. The retailer was interested in live streaming because they wanted to upgrade their ecommerce shopping experiences, build brand loyalty, and increase online sales.

custom solution.

La Curacao partnered with eyezon for a 12-week test period, bringing eyezon live shopping experiences to their large ecommerce audience in Peru. During the testing period, La Curacao connected the eyezon button to more than 400 SKUs, and several expert shop assistants worked as streamers. The eyezon live shopping transformation sandbox is flexible, which allows all retailers to easily customize the service and features based on their business needs and customers’ expectations. La Curacao knows its greatest asset and differentiator is its expert human team of technological advisors. They worked with eyezon to create their own unique offering and bring their customers the personalized consultations with expert human advisors that they expect when shopping in-store. La Curacao labeled their eyezon button “I want to know more” or “I need a personal consultation.” The technological advisors/streamers hosted live shopping sessions from branding streaming zones with their faces visible. During their 1-on-1 on-demand live stream, the customer typically communicated with the streamer via chat, and the streamer answered all of their questions via live video. La Curacao customers were able to connect with the technology specialists exactly as they would in-store, securing their long-lasting brand loyalty and boosting their online purchasing confidence which drove conversions.



weeks of test period


SKU's connected


request-to-stream rate


click-to-request rate


stream-to-cart rate



During the trial period, La Curacao had a great 27.3% click-to-request rate, and an impressive 85% request-to-stream rate, resulting in an 8.6% stream-to-cart rate. Inspired by the boost in ecommerce conversions, it was an easy decision for them to continue offering live shopping experiences with eyezon after the test period had concluded. Live streaming allowed them to bring their amazing personalized consultations to ecommerce customers and further their mission of providing the best appliances, technology, and service.

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live shopping.

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