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Transformation is at the core of what we do at eyezon and as a result, the product is always evolving to become even better. The eyezon team is constantly adding new and exciting features to improve customers’ virtual shopping experiences and help businesses anticipate and respond to their client’s needs.

if you don’t have offline infrastructure it doesn't mean you can’t sell online. meet our turn-key solution – eyezon showrooms.

eyezon showrooms are an opportunity for businesses to merge their online and offline spheres and create a meaningful space for human interaction with customers that enables action. Showrooms allow businesses to conduct promotions more effectively, highlight new and exciting products to an interested audience of customers as well as potential customers.

The retail world is hyper-focused on customer experience and in e-commerce, this means offering customers a wide assortment of products, an easy to navigate website, a seamless transaction and expedited shipping. All focused on helping customers make a transaction but nothing on the experience that leads them there. Real customer experience triggers an emotional response, which is completely missing in the current world of online shopping.

First, an engagement of their senses when they walk into a store, then the excitement of discovering a new product, sometimes amazement when they learn about something completely new, a rush of confidence and pleasure when they find a product perfectly suited to them, happiness from an engaging interaction with a sales associate and finally, excitement when leaving a store with a new purchase. But there are other emotions too, we know how consumers can be driven to anger when an item they fall in love with is out of stock or not available in their size or feel insulted if the sales associate is too busy to provide them the personalized shopping experience they desire. For retailers navigating the new universe of e-commerce, their focus has been on creating easy to navigate, detailed websites in the hope that providing an easy, informative e-commerce experience is enough to drive conversions. The emotional customer shopping experience has been neglected, as retailers scramble to adapt to many technological changes in quick succession.

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As 2020 fades into the past, retailers are finally opening their doors again post-lockdown and realizing their customers are unrecognizable. Customers now have dramatically different expectations for their shopping experiences after a year of primarily shopping online.

Now, customers want a frictionless online shopping experience, a blended online/offline sphere and a brick & mortar journey focused on experience. They also want personalized recommendations and to make purchases instantly and seamlessly.

At eyezon, we love to talk about digital transformation, but for retailers this time isn’t a transformation at all, but an evolution. The pandemic rapidly accelerated retail trends already underway, leaving many retailers struggling to adjust. According to McKinsey, In 2019 in the United States, the penetration of e-commerce was forecast to reach 24 percent by 2024; but by July 2020, it had already equaled 33 percent of total retail sales. This means the first half of 2020 saw an increase in e-commerce equivalent to the previous ten years.

Many retailers were unprepared for a total shift to online and are equally unprepared to create a radically different brick & mortar shopping experience to meet new customer expectations. For retailers who have managed to stay ahead, the current trend of providing experiential offline retail experiences is costly, time intensive and only caters to a small group of customers in few physical locations. Additionally, these experiences directly compete with the pre-pandemic formula of experiential marketing campaigns consisting of promo staffers on the floor of mass retailers. Promo campaigns and product testing were once a reliable way to capture consumers’ attention but now need to evolve with the new brick & mortar customer journey.

So where does this leave retailers? With a rapidly changing retail landscape, lockdowns, reopenings, new technology to navigate/integrate, an entirely new type of customer and the need to reinvent their business model once again completely. Here’s where eyezon comes in. eyezon is more than just an on-demand live streaming product, it is a digital transformation sandbox that can be applied to any stage of the customer journey to provide a personalized shopping experience.

In addition to reimagining the e-commerce customer journey, eyezon has also created showrooms, utilizing on-demand live streaming technology to provide an entirely new type of promo campaign for an entirely new customer.

eyezon showrooms are an opportunity for businesses to merge their online and offline spheres and create a meaningful space for human interaction with customers that enables action. Showrooms allow businesses to conduct promotions more effectively, highlight new and exciting products to an interested audience of customers as well as potential customers. On-demand live streaming transforms the traditional promo campaign to be more cost-effective and accessible for online customers. For offline customers, QR codes placed directly on a physical product can instantly transport customers via live stream to a showroom, where they can speak with a product expert. Ideal for products sold in third party retailers or that require additional time spent with a knowledgeable sales representative.

Showrooms can also serve as an instrument for online-only businesses to implement on-demand live sales. They are a sleek, modern environment where sales representatives or professional promotional staffers can respond to live streaming requests from customers anywhere in the world. For businesses with no brick & mortar stores, it is a unique opportunity to interact with customers directly, showcase products live, and form meaningful connections.

Retailers don’t have to navigate the evolution of experiential marketing campaigns alone. The eyezon team can train promotional staffers and write a personalized sales script. All eyezon live streams are recorded and showrooms are no exception. For retailers, this means valuable customer insights are available to consider after the stream has ended. Retailers will have never before access to their customers’ live reactions when viewing their products and the feedback, questions and comments they share with sales representatives. Insights that can be applied anywhere – to train sales staff to sell more effectively, to create more thoughtful marketing campaigns, to imagine an entirely new product based on what customers say they want.

We believe the best way to connect with customers, build loyalty and drive conversions is through real human interaction. Through showrooms, eyezon has created a physical space designed to bring e-commerce customers the same emotional experience when shopping in-person.

For retailers, it’s an opportunity to shine, for trained sales staff to sell at their very best. An upgrade of the traditional experiential marketing campaign, where the space is beautiful, products are always in stock, sales staff is knowledgeable, and data/analytics comes directly from the customers.

The future of retail has arrived. eyezon showrooms are evolved experiential marketing campaigns, reimagined product showrooms, create a purchase thrill for e-commerce customers and put human interaction first.

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